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Download The Aperture Group's Competition Rules


January 2024

Photographs of land, water, groups of buildings, or a combination of these. An image of a single tree or flower is not a landscape. Image may include people, man-made objects, and wildlife, but these should not be the primary subject of the photograph. Cityscapes, skyscapes, and seascapes are acceptablle



Digitals due in on the 9th of January 2024                    

Competition night is the 16th of January 2024



February 2024

The sense of depth or spatial relationship between objects in a photo. By changing perspective, subjects can appear much smaller or larger than normal or help your viewer see the world from a different perspective. Not at eye level!

Digitals due in on the 30th January 2024                          

​Competition night is on Tuesday 6th February 2024



March 2024

A photograph of an inanimate object or group of objects arranged as the subject for a picture. It can serve as an exercise in skill and creativity, to show an artist’s understanding of composition, his ability to depict colour harmony, form, texture, and the effects of light upon the objects

Digitals due in on the 27th February 2024                             

Competition night is 5th March 2024



April 2024

Transportation of goods, people and/or animals from one place to another. Images of planes, trains, cars, and other modes of transport.

Digitals due in on the 26th March 2024                            

Competition night is 2nd April 2024



May 2024

Main subject must be part of a plant - tree or flower. Image could be a macro of the whole subject or just a part of it. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and framing techniques to create interesting and dynamic images

Digitals due in on the 30th  April 2024                              

Competition night is 7th May 2024



June 2024

Photograph where the main subject is an animal in their natural environment, like in a forest or underwater. Domestic pets, animals in a zoo, or on a farm are not allowed. Images includes mammals, insects, reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, and other invertebrates, but not people.

Digitals due in on the 28th May 2024                  

Competition night is the 4th June 2024



July 2024

Photos that showcase a slice of regular life containing a certain genuine beauty. There should be natural interaction between subjects. True magic happens when you’re able to capture two people’s true connection.

Digitals due in on the 25th June 2024               

Competition night is 2nd July 2024



August 2024

Images captured outdoors at night, between dusk and dawn. Artificial light sources, such as city lights, building lights, fireworks. Amusement rides, and car lights work well to create the mood of a night scene.

Digitals due in on the 30th July 2024                          

Competition night is on 6th August 2024



September 2024

A photograph that gives a sense of motion. The subject can be a person, moving man-made object, animal, or moving water.

Digitals due in on the 27th August 2024           

Competition night is the 3rd September 2024



October 2024

The subject should be a building, group of related buildings, or other man-made structure such as a bridge or tower or a portion thereof.

Mono includes all forms of black-and-white photography, containing all shades of neutral grey.

Digitals due in on the 24th September 2024        

Competition night is the 1st October 2024



November 2024

The decline from a sound or perfect condition; to fall into ruin. Create an image that conveys a sense of abandonment or decline.

Digitals due in on the 29th October 2024                         

Competition night is 5th November 2024


Annual Awards Night and Christmas Party

December 2024

Each financial member can submit 2 x digital entries and 2 x print entries providing that they have been entered in any of the 2023 competitions.

The images cannot have been altered in any way.


Both prints and digitals need to be submitted to the Competition Director by 19th November 2024.  

This is to gives time to let the judge award our Print and Digital Image of the Year, and to get our awards engraved.

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