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Workshops on a wide variety of photographical and editing subjects are held on the third Tuesday of each month, EXCEPT January and December. In 2024 there will be 5 Tuesdays in July and we will be adding an extra workshop evening.

These workshops are designed for Members to learn new techniques to help your photography journey along to the next level, so be sure not to miss these nights.

They can be a lot of fun!

Generally the cost is normal club fee ($5.00) with the exception of when we have an invited exhibition or paid models the nightly fee is tba to cover these extra costs.


Generally these are held at 7.30pm at the Club's meeting rooms which is:


2 Quinns Road

Quinns Rocks

Febuary:               Hillarys Marina Image Hunt

                              Meet at 6pm at Hillary's Marina for a Photo treasure hunt followed 

                              by a bite to eat and a drink

March:                  Long Exposure & Light Painting. Come along and learn the basics of 

                              long exposure and light painting.

April:                     Award winning Diana Anderson will visit TAG and talk to us all things                                animals.

May:                      Hands on steel wool exercise on the beach.

June:                     Aerial artist Scott Jon will be joinng us to talk about his drone and                                    aerial photography. Scott also has an excellen Instagram page scott                                   jon photography

July:                      TAG will be holding a zoom workshop with Award winning                                                   photographer Mieke Boynton This evening will be held at the club                                      with members bringing along their lap tops (with battery power) and.                                camera equipment.  Due to a time difference this evening will                                            commence at 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start.  This night will be a $20                                      cost.


(5th Tuesday):      Club member Bev will demonstrate to us a wire technique that she                                    used on one of her image.

August:                 Tyson from Foxlab Fine Art Printing will join us to present how to get                                images ready for print.

September:          In Club incursion - macro Mini Beasts

October:               TBA - Nicole Away

November:           In club incursion - still life/product photography.




















Members will be notified by email on the finer details of the workshops and what equipment, if any, you may need to bring along.

Additionally, if a workshop is being held in another location, (perhaps on site at the beach for example), you will be notified by email and/or facebook posts.


Please join the Facebook group and follow posts to keep up to date with all that is happening and check your emails prior to workshop dates.


(Our Facebook Link is in top right-hand corner of this page).


Keep an eye on our Facebook page and your Email for any updates on Workshops.

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